Video of A Comprehension About Business Development

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A Comprehension About Business Development
Business development can be many things. It really depends on company. In my mind, however, the role of business development is to find new strategic opportunities for the company and start the company on the path to execute (incubation). It is not uncommon for business developers to have a combination of strategy, marketing & sales, finance, legal, and operations background.

A video of The 10 Keys to Business Development: Chances for a Business Growth

10 Key Strategies for Successful Business Development

Here are some better keys and ideas on how we could take and develop our businesses
The 10 Keys to Business Development-Chances for a Business Growth

This video details on how we are passionate about driving new business for our clients. Our team has over thirty years of business development experience, built up from working at companies such as Orange, BT, Sky Sports and many more. As a team we have created our Top 10 business development activities to help drive your business forward.

Our Top 10:

1. Dress for success

This is self-explanatory and makes a huge difference to winning confidence and trust. Make sure you consider your clients environment.

2. Have a clear understanding buyer behaviour and targeting the right people

This is often missed out in account strategy planning but every business has its own unique approach to procurement and decision-making. Researching this can save you time and money.

3. Ability to connect with your clients and build the right relationships

Get to know your clients, if you seriously want to work with them be prepared to learn about them and how they like to work. Be yourself and strike up some friendships.

4. Adding value to your relationships

Make sure you have some ideas and concepts in your mind to add value to your core proposition, what is the creative idea of the meeting.

5. Turning service management into opportunities

A problem or account issue is still an opportunity to build credibility, don’t be afraid to ask for more based on helping your clients perform or get results.

6. Meeting outside the office

Offices sometimes create tension, with so many places to meet the options are limitless and clients often open up more in a relaxed environment.

7. Understand your clients business

Do your homework and make sure you know everything from the share price to their latest business activities. This demonstrates that you are serious and want to get under the skin of their business.

8. Listen carefully and record your meetings The tendency is talk early in meetings about yourself and your products, start by getting the client to discuss their business and don’t spend too much time on your services to early. Read the body language and switch on your senses, for people new to client facing roles it is best go to meetings with a colleague or mentor to help in temperature check.

9. Have a set of objectives for the meeting

We believe in having a plan for the meeting, good to set an agenda.

10. Don’t be afraid to ask for referrals and extra business

Clients will help you but if you don’t ask you don’t get. If you give me a lead I will…

To further discuss your sales and marketing teams and how to get the most from your sales and marketing campaigns come and visit us.

A video of 10 Signs You’re Winging Your Business: Learn How to Run a Successful Business

10 signs you’re winging your business as an entrepreneur.

Here’s a screenshot on how to run a successful business.
10 Signs You're Winging Your Business-Learn How to Run a Successful Business

Have you graduated the mindset of “winging” your way to the top? Although most entrepreneurs would say yes, the truth is most haven’t. Here are 10 signs that will tell you the truth.