1. lawlerzwtf says:


  2. tsy1992 says:

    ‘Imagine hover trains’. Correct me if I’m wrong but the last I checked
    bullet trains ARE hovering above the tracks.

  3. Mac Dee says:

    There is already a hover train, they’re called Maglev

  4. brickmotion says:


  5. asronome says:

    No, i’m not gonna say third or some bullshit like that because there is no
    point for it.

  6. Mineshack says:

    It’s called a HOVERBOARD and not a HUVVERBURD

  7. Steven Kim says:

    really? Unsend gmail? That is an old technology. Korea had it for years.

  8. milo says:

    Imagine hovertrains??? In what world does this woman live lol…..
    BULLET-TRAIN…MAGLEV…. take your pick sweetie :D

  9. mavcek says:

    WTF is a huvverboard?? Can’t she speak English?

  10. 525Lines says:

    I like the dry ice smoke.

  11. Sedrick Kesablyan says:

    I know one perfect way they can make this overboard but the thing is it’s
    not ready yet it’s anti gravity.

  12. Michael Duntz says:

    Great Scott the day before

  13. Richard Yin says:

    hoverboards have been around for years…. like seriously, cnet, up your

  14. ViciousDave4Life says:

    How does one find anti gravity in to something?

  15. thor steffes says:


  16. thor steffes says:


  17. Rahmani Mohamed Elhadi says:
  18. Kynan Tay says:

    I think we have to wait 20 years for someone to come up with a actual
    hoverboard with no magnetic levitation….

  19. Uthman Baksh says:

    Hate to break it to you Bridget, but a hover train already exists. It’s
    called the MAGLEV Bullet Train. Japan and China have it and the U.S. was
    supposed to be working on it. Sadly, those dreams died down in 2013, when I
    stopped hearing about it in the annual State of the Union address. 

  20. Joxee Mansinth says:

    What about flying cars?!

  21. Daydragon1234 says:

    Nice video. 

  22. Tyler Mitchell says:

    So Back To The Future were right! lol 

  23. Galal Eldin Gawish says:

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