1. Stephanie Barfield says:

    Great Information, Thank You!!

  2. Juanita Waterman says:

    Hey Jay I think we are Brothers whats new with you

  3. Dom Zirilli says:

    Awesome…many people think the internet means you don’t have to be
    personally interactive

  4. Jeremy Howie says:

    Thanks for the Facebook tips Jay!

  5. Giulio Marsala says:

    Awesome! Thanks

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  9. serge-stephan Gunn says:

    thank you for this video. I really appreciate that you shared real

  10. Duane Norland says:

    Great ideas and methods Jay.

  11. Bobby Stelly says:

    Great job Jay..very informative..exactly what I was looking for.

  12. Mick Grad says:

    Great!!! I know a lot of ways, but this is really super! Thanks

  13. Max Mully Manutede says:

    Great Video !!!

  14. Paula Dominique Prince says:

    awesome. wake up. you are a fire starter.

  15. Linda Moses says:

    Very informative and useful video. Thank you.

  16. philipee32 says:

    dat accent

  17. philipee32 says:

    On facebook you can get banned for friend requesting tho.

  18. Edward Foxx Instant Money Network says:

    You sir a gentlemen and a scholar. Very much appreciated. I deactivated my
    account because I truly didn’t know how powerful a tool Facebook was. Man.

  19. Marvin Williams says:

    Great video Jay! I have been using Facebook groups to make over $200 daily.
    This is valuable information your sharing here my friend.

  20. Keiko Grissom says:

    Thanks great video, have you heard about Platinum Poster? Great tool to
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  21. Allan Gildea says:

    Really helpful Jay – common sense, courtesy, clear presentation, good
    practical pointers.Thanks!

  22. Andreas Ziebart says:

    I thank everyone who posts videos on this topic for the time you invested
    in producing them. The selflessness with which you spend precious free
    hours researching and producing these are appreciated. Keep up the good

  23. Rundy Montoya says:

    Thank you so much!

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