1. Kripparrian says:
  2. kooken58 says:

    Another hearthstone video, another dislike Kappa

  3. Abuyin ibn Djadir says:

    ResidentSleeper how do I skip the Kripp? 

  4. Pro Gamers says:

    Who gives a fuck what card back you have ? Like really -_-

  5. EpicUltraKingSmizzy says:

    I hate how the only rewards they come up with are card backs…. every
    month a new little graphic that I give no shits about, gimme new maps, new
    heros, new songs, gold even…. I’d sell my card backs for 10g each

  6. Tartar says:

    I don’t know whether this is a bug, but I got the Promo by logging into the
    game from a Galaxy Note 2.

  7. NoVa Vengeance says:

    seems like they patched it?

  8. Danny Dingo says:

    maybe going to the store and seeing the phone in person was the desired
    effect, well at least for the ppl they know will try to get aroung
    it..maybe cross advertising from blizzard as well, because it encourages
    you to install HS on friends and relatives S6, and ppl with s6 are so rich
    they must buy tons of card packs :0

  9. XDthejulianXD says:

    I play on my tablet, just because I have no pc, not yet. Once I get a pc,
    I’ll play HS on pc, always. 

  10. RYLAES says:

    I was able to save 192 people yesterday with my skip kripp intro. Although
    i failed one person yesterday in the comment section, his uesrname was
    @SamsaraChaos RIP in pieces. Hopefully i can save a lot more today, Skip
    Kripp Intro 0:04 If you have died because i was too late to save you today,
    i will try to honor you tomorrow.

  11. RYLAES says:

    3 packs + cardback for samsung users? literally pay2win….

  12. CloudStrife893 says:

    How dare you call my Molten Corgi pet stupid!

  13. S34G4T3 says:

    thx kripp i got leroy

  14. GodUd6589 says:

    I understand for card-packs but for card-backs why even bother?

  15. Warren Graham says:

    Pulled Nozdormu out of the 3rd pack.

    This is not a coincidence.

  16. DNCD Tv says:

    I got a lots girls,because i got all the backcards

  17. Perry says:

    I’m fucking pissed, I spent $500 on a new phone and people are cheating the

  18. Andrian Sarnavsky says:

    got Lorewalker Cho.

  19. GUIGUIB12 says:

    Cardbacks are like all reward in HS, a complete joke

  20. Krzysiekoy says:

    How come there is a subscribe button but no unsubscribe button? How do I
    unsubscribe? Do I have to watch Kripp’s vids for ever?

  21. thevoxdeus says:

    “People who play Blizzard games traditionally are completionists…”


    Many people who are completionists play Blizzard games, and Blizzard has
    learned to cater to the “gotta catch ’em all” crowd, but those folks (the
    ones who need to complete the entire set of everything just because it’s a
    set) are a small minority.

    Very few people playing Hearthstone actually care if they have every single
    card back. Some do. Some just want whichever one is newest, or coolest
    looking, or most prestigious. Many people are still using the default card
    back because they simply don’t care about it.

  22. William East says:

    Easy to get that card back so long as you know someone who has that new
    phone just ask to download a game and log us from there

  23. Malango says:

    far too much hassle for 3 packs (for the card back). installed genymotion,
    got annoyed. uninstalled lol

  24. Morxplays says:

    Any blizzcon emulator?

  25. Homeslice says:

    I wouldn’t compare it to the Blizzcon cardback because they made that
    cardback available for people who purchased the virtual ticket.

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