1. wakebro says:

    The fuk is this shit

  2. yannsa says:

    What a lucky woman! Now we want to see the GOAT commentator!

  3. 1Bullsrule1 says:

    Looks like a fun job

  4. My name is Jeff says:

    You know the season is over when NBA starts posting shit like this.

  5. blur232425 says:

    offseason nba vids suck.

  6. fightnight14 says:

    No game 7 = No bonuses

  7. Edward Chamberlin says:

    I think ya’ll are a little harsh. It’s nice they’re showing appreciation
    for their employees. At least I think so. 

  8. Nate Schwartz says:

    And we need to see this because…?

  9. rosuadlTsi says:

    Really liked this behind the scenes type video. More please!

  10. Nathan Masters says:

    Show us the people who comment NBA TOP 10s

  11. Techniec says:

    Boy is it a long way till October wtf are we supposed to watch

  12. justin le says:

    lol does no one know they are rolling with Nike next year for player
    jerseys instead of Adidas 

  13. kontube13 says:

    Please make one video like that for the GOAT commentator!

  14. xJDaRR says:

    Can you guys do an employee profile of whoever comes up with these whack
    ass video titles that sound like porn titles?

  15. Dp97 says:

    Dam I got a C in graphics and do just as good work as this shit

  16. Nosh+ says:

    I actually liked the video

  17. FiyahMuzik says:

    Katie should be on the phone with someone in the Clippers organization and
    complaining that their new logo and jerseys are too lame to market.

  18. ImageSounds says:

    Can we see who designed the new ugly Clippers logo??

  19. Lucarinho says:

    Show us those who created the new clippers logo? Looks like it was done
    using microsoft paint.

  20. Ajay Bandagonda says:

    So she’s been making these fire ass thumbnails? Nice

  21. Dom2K says:

    I`ve been wondering who designs those dope as photos on NBA’s instagram

  22. askarana says:

    Lucky (Napoleon Dynamyte face)

  23. Hyyerthoughts says:

    Some might find it uninteresting but I love this kind of stuff. Any other
    insider Marketing/Business vids would be awesome +NBA . Maybe we’ll work
    together some day.

  24. MarcSpectorTV says:

    Lmao out of all the people part of the NBA who we don’t care about…

    Profile the Top Ten Commentators!

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