1. Engineerdude says:

    Just saw leaked pictures of oneplus 2 and it looks so generic like every
    other smartphone. Looking forward to see the Note 5 and what it has to
    offer. So far, I am happy with my awesome Note 4. 

  2. A Guy says:

    Wish apple would start targeting the mid-range market

  3. D33M0N3Y says:

    Does Samsung not realize that people want the Note? Note users are entirely
    different people than S users. Samsung consumers think S pen when they hear
    phablet…Not oversized phablet with two edges that has no s pen. They
    should have did a Galaxy note edge 2/ Galaxy note 5 edge. What’s a Samsung
    phablet when you can’t brag that you have that S pen functionality that no
    other phablet has?

  4. J. Daniel Lopez A. says:

    Samsung just anounced an “Unpacked Event”
    Fot august 13 !!!

  5. Aboody Osama says:

    One plus 2 = 3 

  6. Brandon Ariy says:

    Type c port is cool only 1 problem where could I buy 1? I’m pretty sure
    nobody sells type c micro USB other than one plus soo
    I’m guessing I have to order 1 each time it breaks that sux hopefully I
    don’t need an invite seriously how come no one mentions

  7. THEgizmo302 says:

    Note 5 w/ an sd card slot (no need for removable battery, so long as I have
    an sd card slot) is all I’m looking forward to. Hopefully it happens.

  8. Jacob McCarthy says:

    everyone ready for the oneplus 2 release tonight!

  9. Kadene Harvey says:

    On how I missed the flip phone days… Anyone miss 2007?

  10. adnan ahmad says:

    Everyone stop hoping for Samsung to not follow their new frint and back
    glass phones. They WILL have a note 5 with glass.

  11. Mikey Guanipa says:

    I’m surprised he didn’t say anything about the android hack 

  12. yojgee says:

    OnePlus is overrated.

  13. Perfecto Jeffrey says:

    I’ve been a Note faithful since the Note 1 (before it came to America) but
    finally there is a phone that might take me away from my Note purchase and
    that phone will the the S6 Edge Plus. I’m currently using the S 6 Edge and
    I love it, except. You guessed it… The Size. I need bigger. The sex
    appeal of the Edge Plus will be remarkable. So remarkable, I’ll skip the

  14. CovertBrony says:

    I’m more interested in the LG super smartphone. 

  15. Andrius Mindaugas Bloznelis says:

    I only care about 3 devices this year: the oneplus two, new nexus and the
    new iPhone

  16. simon eric says:

    if I gave myself a thumbs up, would it make it much easier for you to spot
    my comment

  17. StraightForwardGamer says:

    oneplus two is coming out august 11th but you will have to wait a few weeks
    for shipping.

  18. Anunay Sharma says:

    Would be definitely looking for the Note since Samsung has the best to
    compete against Apple.
    P.S. – Message from FanDroid

  19. Mark Tristan R. Ocampo says:

    I’m ONLY looking forward to the Samsung Galaxy Note 5… and NOTHING ELSE!
    Not even the S6 Edge + (whatever long name you want to call it).

  20. mastersimonsays says:

    why are you switching studios so frequently?

  21. jokamutta says:

    Im hoping for Sony Xperia Z4

  22. Bradley Larcher says:

    S6 Edge Plus to counter the iPhone 6S Plus. Am not saying that Samsung
    phones aren’t necessarily better than Apple’s, but no matter what they do,
    the iPhone will still sell like crazy. Reducing on availability of the soon
    to be newest member of your famous Note line is not the solution

  23. Mike Cox says:

    Motorola flagship or the new nexus phablet will be my next device probably.

  24. ElMahmi Abderrahmane says:

    Yes, I’m looking forward to the OnePlus Two

  25. David Thomas says:

    The Note 5 is the only thing to loo forward too . i don’t need to
    be invited to get one

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