1. Emanuel Estrada says:


  2. Jake B says:


  3. Doktor Corni says:


  4. Shipley says:

    Lewandowski ist so sympathisch! :D

  5. Kevin Menges says:


  6. Jonas Heinsohn says:

    Ich finde es toll, wie ich mich toll finde 

  7. M.P. says:

    Alaba bester Mann 😀 immer vollgas

  8. cavalapeter says:


  9. Travis Miller says:

    Truly Delights the Heart to see the Team with Coach having such a Lovely
    Time on Human Level,having Great Fun with Audi Races and Golf Games,taking
    in the Chinese Fans Luv and Culture,this Chinese Tour has been Amazing both
    On the Field and Off the Field.Chinese fans are Superb,shout out to them :
    Super Bayern Super Bayern Hey Hey.

    Bayern Munich please dont make bad signings and spoil this Lovely Team
    Harmony,make good ones with Guardiolas view given high priority he picks
    such Brilliant Talents,Kimmich is Awesome.

  10. Aseil Abdullah says:

    Come to uae it will be the best and also I will liked to meet them I real
    want to meet them please next year ah it will be very cool if you guys
    answer it will be the best day in my whole life please I even fight in
    school just because they say byermunchin is the worst and all the people
    who hate byermunchin it is is fine but do not talk crap about it because
    there are many people who will defende go byermunchin

  11. Chiara Cianci says:

    2:04 Javi 😀 

  12. Shady MC says:

    HaHa Reus dürfte kein Auto fahren :D

  13. huh968 says:

    Manuel is such a boss.

  14. Ben Sauerkraut says:

    Best club!!!! ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️

  15. Peter Silie says:

    Coole Chinesen

  16. Di2goodon says:

    I just put the video speed up to 2 :’)

  17. Jelmer de Vries says:

    Alaba so amazing 😉

  18. Carolina Hernandez Lopez says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  19. Francesco Gentile says:

    Da sag mal einer, das die Bayern arrogant (sarkasmus) :)

  20. melly Stele says:

    Lewy *-*
    Hahhaah der Mario :” Oh ich hab n rücken” :D

  21. fastfor.me says:

    Training & Marketing – Bayern geben Vollgas
    Auch am zweiten Tag in Shanghai hatte der FC Bayern wieder ein volles
    Programm: Vormittags wurde trainiert, nachmittags fanden zahlreiche …
    Via +FC Bayern München http://youtu.be/ZoIwd-1vewY

  22. Thomas says:

    Spürt ihr die Liebe?
    Es ist schön zu sehen dass uns die Chinesen so lieben. 🙂
    Freut mich für den FCB und die Spieler. 

  23. Elizabeth Walter says:

    how can anyone dislike this video?

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