1. Game Over says:

    Am really getting tired of team up Superhero movies, which is why Am really
    excited about antman.

  2. Shellyman™ says:

    I’m just glad that Marvel Studios is marketing Ant Man very smoothly and
    not showing too much. I’ll agree with you John about how Sony did a
    horrible job at marketing on The Amazing Spider-Man 2 because they were
    showing way to much of the movie.

  3. Its Compton says:

    I was thinking the same thing!!

  4. UzumakiAnime says:

    As long as it doesn’t spoil my experience like age of ultron did, they
    showed way to much in my opinion that didn’t need to show. Imagine seeing
    vision first or hulk buster first time in the movie theater with no other
    inclination of how they looked. I like the pace of Ant Man

  5. YoungShyne123 says:

    lmao everyone knows ant man will flop.

  6. Lore Torrent says:

    Because the character is dumb as fuck! Like most of what Marvel does

  7. Alejandro333777 says:

    I hate how everyone keeps talking about the amazing spiderman 2s marketing
    when age of ultrons was just as bad how about using that as the most recent
    example. Oh wait my bad its marvel so it doesn’t matter

  8. 6164L says:

    They have clever marketing going on. There’s tiny bill boards all over the
    place. You know like bill boards for Ants. Also there’s a new Tv Spot,
    which means there’s more to come soon

  9. Nysguy2003 says:

    What I noticed is there is hardly no marketing for Fantastic 4. Everytime I
    bring it up to someone they are like “theres a Fantastic 4 movie coming
    out?” I mean I have yet to see a commercial for it on TV and have yet to
    see a trailer for it at theaters, only on youtube. What little I have seen
    of it looks good, but it might not have a great opening week if they dont
    prmote the thing. Ant-Man is down that same road too.

  10. HARLEM HEFNER says:

    I been said ant man marketing is horrible the fan boys said other wise 

  11. BenOrtiz says:

    There’s an Ant-Man trailer in Age of Ultron and everyone around the world
    has seen it. Later this month you will start seeing Tv spots everyday for

  12. BenOrtiz says:

    The cgi looks awesome for Ant-Man. It will be a different kind of superhero
    film fo sho.

  13. (SPRY) Ace of Games says:

    Haha oh my god this guy has some major pit stain action going on. Someone
    should’ve gave him a new shirt instead of letting him stay on camera the
    whole time wearing that.

  14. Sjono says:

    The real issue is that Civil War, a movie that comes out next year, is
    getting more headlines than Ant-Man itself 

  15. acetraker1988 says:

    I don’t get people who keep posting about comic con, Marvel Disney is too
    BIG for comic con, an comic con as stated is for comics. Not movie
    advertising. You not gonna gain anything. Apart form hyping fans up more
    that “doesn’t translate to more interest as these people are all ready
    gonna see the movie.

    Disney / marvel can do their OWN reveals / press when they want or need to.

  16. Fairlady Z says:

    In a couple of weeks you’ll see Ant-Man tv spots daily.

  17. Ralph Krolczyk says:

    Also depending on who you ask ASM2 was horrible so sony had to sell it. I
    think Marvel is just depending on their credibility and also Aou is a month
    old. Its still present in the publics eyes.

  18. Liam Quane says:

    Probably because superhero movement needs a breath and Marvel know that
    people will watch anyway, the other films in the MCU count as pieces of

  19. Mike Mecek says:

    The fact that they let a talent like Edgar Wright walk away from Antman and
    replaced him with Peyton Reed (The Break Up, Yes Man), still bothers me.
    I’ve been raising my eyebrow at Marvel with their handling of
    acting/directing talent these past few years.

  20. Aaron Ray says:

    So its comic con. When MARVEL (rumor has it) says its not gonna have a
    presence, does that include comics? Cause im pretty sure they just launched
    a bunch of new titles after SECRET WARS. What about creator signings- or
    did we forget what Comic Con was supposed to be?

  21. joh0800 says:

    I always forget about the Ant Man movie

  22. osarumen erhunmwunsee says:

    marvel knew that age of ultron will suck that’s why they keeping releasing
    tv spot and trailers every day. same goes with amazing spider man. lol

  23. MrRiggidig says:

    Maybe the test audience’s reaction wasn’t good and they’re trying to save
    on costs by cutting back on marketing? This has happened before when the
    studio thinks a movie won’t do that well, so they’re trying to save where
    they can. Really hope that it doesn’t suck though, because it looks like a
    really fun film.

  24. CaptainPsychopath says:

    Thanks to The Amazing Spider-Man movies, I’ve completely stopped watching
    anything but teaser trailers.

  25. AnimeLovinGirlyGirl says:

    I keep forgetting this movie is coming out…

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